Doctoral studies


The graduate program involves of a set of research conducted independently by the applicant for at least three years. A doctoral dissertation must be a written work and publicly defended by the candidate in front of a jury.

Conditions of access

  • Hold a Master degree
  • Have won at least one distinction
  • Have a supervisor
  • Have a project approved by the doctoral board.

Introduction of applications

Holders of a Belgian master's degree may submit their applications to the doctoral board, others to the admissions center.

Doctoral board

The doctoral board's mission is related to the scientific preparation and follow-up of the student project

Chair : Prof. A. Blavier
Secratary : Prof. D. Faulx

Thesis Committee

The thesis committee is composed of 3 members (supervisor included) who give advice to the student.


The jury is composed of at least 5 Ph.D holders. Two of them must be affiliated outside of the faculty, one must come from outside the French Speaking Community of Belgium.

Doctoral School

The four French speaking universities of Belgium joined to compose the PSYEDUC doctoral school. It aims at organizing activities that enrich Ph.D. student training.

Adélaïde Blavier, Chair of the Doctoral Board


Daniel Faulx
Daniel Faulx, Secretary of the Doctoral Board

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