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The Faculty of Psychology, Speech Therapy, and Education participates in various activities organized by the University throughout the year.

Contact in the faculty: A.-F. Basset - +32 4 3662024 -

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Want to visit our building? Open day is an opportunity to discover the various classrooms, computer rooms, laboratories, but also to listen to a university lecture. Posters are displayed in the building to present the various fields of psychology, speech therapy and education. Professors, teaching assistants and researchers present their teaching and research and provide answers to your questions.
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Any questions about the studies? Our professors, researchers and teaching assistants participate in various information sessions in high schools as well as in higher education exhibitions.
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Want to attend a course? The University organizes twice a year the "open class periods" (in November and March). High school students may attend some courses.
Find those courses in the fields of psychology, Education or speech therapy.
Outside these periods, it is sometimes possible to attend a course on the personal request of the student. Check the class schedule, choose the course that interests you and request permission from the professor.

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You have decided to enroll at the university and to undertake studies in the field of psychology, speech therapy or education. But you fear that the pace of work that you will face would be too fast. You want to prepare yourself for university studies... You can attend preparatory activities organized before the academic year starts. These activities will test your working method and improve it if necessary. It is also an opportunity to discover the infrastructure, to contact some professors or assistants and to create links with other students. Discover these activities

Contact at Psychology and Education: A.-F. Basset - +32 4 3662024 -

Activités préparatoires

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