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UDI-Fapse is in charge of IT management in the Faculty of Psychology, Speech Therapy, and Education. Please visit our wesite for more details.  udiweb


IT Rooms


The faculty has two rooms equipped with computers.

The Cafeim (level 0 B32) Multimedia learning center is open from 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. It welcomes students apart from when courses are being given there. It contains 40 PC.

The Piaget (level 0 B32) Study room contains 5 PC.

Salle Publique

Laser printing service


The Computing Service UDI-Fapse has implemented a printing service available to students. This system allows those with a credit to use the laser color printer in the Piaget study room and the A3 printer in Cafeim leaning center. The credit is tied to the ULg identifier. The system deducts from your credit automatically based on the ammount printed. You can credit your account (minimum 1 €) from J. Sougné (level 3 B32) or M. Jacques (ground level B32)(color at 15 cents per page and Black and White A4 at 5 cents and A3 at 10 cents per page).





The University of Liege has been developing the “Unicast” project since September 2009. It involves lecture recording and the availability for students enrolled in these courses to replay them. The system is designed to be fully automated and require the least possible intervention from the teacher.

The faculty has 2 rooms equipped for that purpose.




The smartboard is an interactive board. It is a touch screen connected to a projector and a computer. The projector sends the image generated by the computer on the board, while with the touch screen your finger controls the mouse pointer, and enables you to write or draw. The device can record the progress of a course for distribution to students afterwards. It also allows the teacher to restart with the board content as it appeared at the end of the last class.

The Faculty has 5 rooms equipped with a Smartboard.




The University of Liège provides wifi facilities in every building on the campus.


Faculty Intranet


The IT Service UDI-Fapse offers faculty members an intranet. This tool allows members to share information, facilitate and reduce the burden of administration for students, researchers and teachers. Finally, it provides an opportunity for staff to publish information on the website of the faculty.
Access to the faculty intranet follows the same procedure as  access to the ULg intranet (MyULg), using your username and connected password.

Access to faculty intranet (restricted to university members)


Request for IT assistance - Management of IT interventions


The faculty IT service UDI-Fapse has developed a tool for assistance requests and interventions management: BELENOS. This tool allows users to ask for assistance from the IT service and follows the evolution of the intervention. For the IT service, it provides a tool for tracking interventions, for keeping track of problems and solutions.

Access to Belenos (restricted to Faculty employees)


Management of ACADEMIC conferences and meetings


The faculty IT service UDI-Fapse has developed a congress, meeting or conference management system. This tool greatly facilitates the organization of academic and scientific meetings in our university.
It includes a set of tools such as:

  • Managing submissions (papers, posters, symposia, demo, etc).
  • Management of review process (instructions, management of reviewers, awarding tasks to reviewers, mailing,).
  • Managing the selection of submissions in different categories.
  • Conference Planning (choice of time, choice of rooms, parallel sessions, etc.).
  • Registration management (events, products, prices, deadlines, payment,etc).
  • Monitoring of registrations and payments.
  • Development of the conference website.


Management of master thesis


The faculty IT service UDI-Fapse has developed a complete package for Masters Theses, from the student project to the thesis deposit in pdf format. For staff, the tool provides a system to offer themselves jury members. For the administration, it allows jury management, pdf sending, and publishing on the website the list of thesis along with a summary. The tool also allows optimizing and publishing on the web the schedules of public thesis defenses.


Agenda of the psychological and speech therapy clinic


The faculty IT service UDI-Fapse has developed a management tool for consultation, room occupation, payment and accounting of the psychological and speech therapy clinic. With this tool, clinicians can reserve rooms, manage their consultations and manage their billing. On the other hand, the clinic administrator can manage rooms, payments, billing and accounting.


database of volunteers for experiment participation


Researchers often struggle to find volunteers to participate in their experiments. The faculty IT service UDI-Fapse has developed a tool that allows any person to offer themselves as volunteers. Researchers have a database of volunteers available. They can contact these people and suggest experiment participation.


Other tools and services


Management of Bac 3 projects
Laptop lending to students


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