Infrastructure and resources

Study rooms - Multmedia learning center

The Cafeim learning center is equipped with 42 computers and is designed for courses requiring that students use the computer. The Piaget learning center is a study room for students. There they will find free-access computers, a color laser printing service, a smartboard, connections for laptops, and individual as well as group workspaces.

Salles de cours

Computing Service


The UDI-Fapse manages computers in the faculty: network administration, programming, software installation, security, insurance, web, free access to computers for students, etc.




The faculty provides opportunities for teachers and students to borrow audio-visual and electronic devices.


Michel Jacques
Tel : 04-3662069


Lecture hall

Our lecture rooms are equiped with projectors, and some of them with smartboards and podcasting facilities.

Salles de cours



A number of lab rooms are available in our buildings for researchers and students with appropriate material like Actometer, Cameras, Eye tracking system, DLP projector,...




ULg’s Library Network includes five entities, of which the Life Sciences Library.
The Life Sciences Library provides you with a large collection of documents (paper and electronic version) specialized in educational sciences, psychology, speech therapy, as well as in the other domains of life sciences.
The team of the Library welcomes you in the University Hospital (CHU) of Liège (avenue de l’Hôpital, Bât. B35, niveau -1) and is at your disposal for any kind of advice and support in information literacy.
Nancy Durieux is the scientist in charge of the section “educational sciences, psychology and speech therapy” of the library.


Test Library

Psychology has developed a number of well-known tests. The test library houses more than 600 tests (limited access).



Help in design and correction automatization of tests can be found in the SMART :




The University of Liege has been developing the “Unicast” project since September 2009. It involves lecture recording and the availability for students enrolled in these courses to replay them. The system is designed to be fully automated and requires the least possible intervention from the teacher.

The faculty has 2 rooms equipped for that purpose.




The smartboard is an interactive board. It is a touch screen connected to a projector and a computer. The projector sends the image generated by the computer on the board, while with the touch screen your finger controls the mouse pointer, enabling you to write or draw. The device can record the progress of a course for distribution to students afterwards. It also allows the teacher to restart with the board content as it appeared at the end of the last class.

The Faculty has 5 rooms equipped with a Smartboard.




The University of Liège provides wifi facilities in every building on the campus.


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