Psychology, Speech Therapy and education are all stringent disciplines. They use experimental methods, quantitative analysis, combined with clinical practice. 

Psychology is the scientific study of the mind, feeling, and behavior. Psychology is studying fundamental variables that influence human wellbeing and the cohesion of society such as delinquency, sexual deviations, memory impairment, work organization, group dynamic, drug addiction or alcoholism.

Educational sciences focus on improving the teaching methods put into practice from early childhood to adulthood. The sciences of education deal with issues critical to optimal individual development and to equity in school and society: educational politics, educational relationships, educational innovations, initial and continuing training of teachers, socio-professional training in the workplace ...

Speech therapy involves studying speech learning and development and speech, language, and communication impairment. It involves both normal children and adults and people who have a handicap. This is a scientific discipline at the intersection of psychology and medicine.

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