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Welcome to the Faculty of Psychology, Speech Therapy, and Education!

It is a changing world, with breakdown of traditional society structures, with the questioning of values and references, and with the confrontation of new technologies. It is increasingly necessary to train the professionals able to decode the implications of these developments on the human and able to allow humans to face these challenges and maintain control of their fate in this increasingly complex environment.

E Quertemeont

The Faculty of Psychology, Speech Therapy, and Education proposes to future psychologists, speech therapists and educationalists (every year, about 1,500 students) a training characterized by both concern: scientific rigor and diversity of approaches and areas of specialization available. Psychology of the family, social psychology, neuropsychology, clinical psychology of children and adolescents are a few examples of the many training modules that constitute the Master's program in Psychology. The Master in Speech therapy is no exception, as it also offers to students the opportunity to specialize in areas such as voice disorders, deafness, or disorders of the oral and written language (including neuropsychological aspects). The Master in Education is attended mainly by teachers already graduated. This master allows students to undergo further training for example in the areas of lifelong learning, intervention in schools or training of early childhood professionals.

The research is a particularly important part of the activities of a university faculty through doctoral education. But one of our priorities is to establish the conditions for excellence training in clinical practice. In this regard, the Faculty has established a structure that encourages a close link between the theoretical and clinical practice in psychology and speech therapy. The Psychological and speech therapy consultation center (CPLU), where consultations are held in various fields (psychotherapy, neuropsychological and speech therapy, etc.) is also a place of training for our students.

On behalf of my colleagues, I wish you a warm welcome to the Faculty of Psychology, Speech Therapy, and Education. You will benefit in the green and wooded area of Sart Tilman campus. You will experience an optimal frame (the Faculty has over 200 professors and scientific staff). I can assure you that we strive to offer a sound clinical and scientific training, open to the outside world at the cutting edge of educational method reforms promoted by the University.

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